Magna Carta has developed and continues to investigate new ways and products to assist organisations and individuals in managing the new media environment.

We have witnessed an increased demand for rapid reactive crisis and reputation management services from our clients as they grapple with the never ending deadlines of the global news cycle. Our Newsroom 911 has been created specifically for this purpose and ensures 24/7 monitoring of crisis coverage, enabling us to proactively respond to any opportunities or negative publicity.
C-suite executives are the critical link between the outside world and the internal workings of an organisation, making their communication one of the single greatest determinants of business success. We recognise the opportunities and risks that executives face in the new media landscape and have crafted tailored communication packages to manage their online and offline reputations.
Our specialised media training solutions for business leaders and spokespeople are designed to meet the demands of the traditional and social media landscape – equipping them with the skills to control their corporate messaging and effectively position themselves and their organisations.
Our network analysis technology and influencer mapping methodologies enable us to monitor conversations and understand influencer networks by determining who the news spreaders, igniters, seeders and passive observers are. These insights are used to inform and guide clients’ communication strategies by applying science to the art of storytelling.

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