Our mandate is to produce creative and relevant content – be it paid, owned, shared or earned – to engage, entertain and inform audiences. We do this through storytelling.

Storytelling is both an art and a science. A gripping story engages the reader from start to finish, drawing them into it, creating suspense, and, critically, retaining engagement. It is about dissecting the DNA of a good story and mapping out each gene through storyboarding to bring it to life testing.
Consumers of news want to be engaged: they want to see, hear, feel and touch the news, and then share it with their peers. We package multimedia content that can be networked and distributed on behalf of clients.
We draw on the expertise of our Knowledge and Media Hub specialists in broadcast, print and online media to extend our capability to conceptualising, storyboarding and producing in-house audiovisual and multimedia content: tapping into the latest concepts in graphic design, animation, film and mobile content.
We take pride in the fact that our staff think like reporters rather than distributors of press releases. We help craft the key messages our clients would like to convey and align them with their company’s objectives.
The South African creative space is home to industry talent in the fields of film, documentary and series production. We partner our clients with creative individuals in the film industry who can explore telling their stories in new ways.

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