#NoToXenophobia: Message from the CEO

April 2015

    Vincent 2015It is with deep sadness that we witness the current spate of violent attacks on foreign nationals who have made South Africa their home. As a proudly African organisation with a presence across this beautiful continent we believe that it would be remiss of us to remain silent whilst these injustices are being carried out in South Africa.

    Africa is a continent whose richness comes from the diversity of its cultures. Our collective history is made up of countless stories of the migration of peoples over centuries, where we can trace the similarities in language and culture that bind us and which endure in spite of the lines drawn on a map. The Africa we know and love today has been shaped by this rich history of migration.

    Xenophobia is unAfrican. We are all connected and I firmly believe that I am African before I am South African.

    As a company with colleagues across the continent, Magna Carta is committed to not only speaking out against xenophobia but to channel our anger and sadness into action.

    Employees of Magna Carta are collecting essential goods for the displaced nationals and providing them with some comfort as we patiently pray for peace.

    We wish peace and calm for South Africa,

    Vincent Magwenya,

    CEO – Magna Carta Reputation Management Consultants