The power of Disruption for African communication

December 2015

    The recent TBWA\Africa Conference held in Sun City focused on harnessing the power of Disruption for African communication.

    Disruption is the lifeblood of TBWA\, and this year saw over 80 people from 15 countries and 20 agencies throughout Africa gather for an annual three-day TBWA\ African Conference to immerse themselves in Disruption® philosophy and processes.

    There has never been a greater need for creative and disruptive ideas in reputation management. The spread of risk is so much greater now and, as a result, companies have to be better prepared and quicker to respond than they were three or five years ago. Exposing the Magna Carta to new Disruption tools is critical, as it empowers our staff with the skills needed to ensure our clients break through the clutter.

    Africa, by its very nature, is disruptive. We see this in many forms throughout the continent, from an array of Nollywood movies being distributed via mobile, the embrace of online retailing in many African markets and the adaptation of the Uber model in Kenya where payment is made in M-pesa and cash.

    The scope for continued Disruption creates exciting opportunities as African youth happily flip conventions and experiment with new solutions.

    The challenge is not selling Disruption into Africa. The challenge is continuing to drive Disruption as a uniquely TBWA\tool that sets us apart and acts as our differentiator. We can achieve so much more by using our shared Disruption thinking while optimising new tools, technologies and techniques.

    The conference showcased opportunities for Magna Carta and other agencies to strengthen the unified network and galvanise our Disruption DNA, which is exciting for the agency and our clients.

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    Ima Peter, Account Director